Farrobo emerges among the beautiful forest of Pico Island, in the parish of Bandeiras.

From the recovery of old stone houses, this enterprise was born in the place that gives it its name, Farrobo. Once inhabited by 16 families, it has been abandoned in the last 50 years. The former residents lived from agriculture, but with the abandonment, the houses have become ruins and the forest grew and covered the agricultural fields.

From the meeting of the Atlantic and the mountain comes this magical place, between the green of the trees and the gray of the basalt.

There are four houses named after former residents, to which a restaurant has been added, in an area of 10 000m2. Surrounded by forest, (with a private area) here you can contemplate the landscape and the silence of the birds that mingles with the sounds of the trees in the cozy stone houses

In this place you can still see numerous trails once used by the ancient inhabitants and that today you can explore on foot or by bike. Along these trails, which cross with the development, are the relheiras (marks that the ox carts carved in the stone of the ground) or even furnaces where in the past the inhabitants went to fetch water.

Come feel the magic of a unique place!

  • The houses

    Farrobo consists of four houses and a restaurant, in an area of 10 000m2. All the houses have a bedroom with bathroom, living room with kitchenette, and private patio.

    Surrounded by forest (with a private area), Farrobo is the ideal place to contemplate the landscape and the ideal starting point to appreciate the natural beauty of the island